Let the teardown commence………. first off, I had to find a suitable bit for the screws – luckily I found one. I’ve really got to get a decent screwdriver set……

Case is off – no signs of major rust or leakage of anything so far.
Dusty but otherwise looks good
Keyboard is off
Floppy drive – dated 09/1990

And thats where I have to stop – different screws hold the shield in place and I do not have a suitable bit. Will order in….. 10/05/21

15/05/21 – Borrowed a decent kit form work, so lets continue….

Shield removed – first glance, all looks good except the rust marks along the back – appears some form of moisture has been present, but not run down onto the ports or mainboard.
Hi Fat Agnus 😀
Looks bad but as mentioned above, has not run onto board etc
I’m stoked how clean this system is

Full size images available here