Like A Storm : New song and updates

Like a Storm have released a new song to some fans via email in the last 48 hours, and gave a sneak preview of the lyrics video for the song today during a Zoom session.

While I cannot link/offer the MP3 or video at this time (hey, they asked us not to), I can let you know its a mellow and uplifting track compared to tracks found on Catacombs.

Chris and Matt came up with the main melody while in their grandparents car that they had borrowed, travelling between Taupo and Auckland. New Zealand is an inspiring place, regardless what part of the country you’re in, and what you’re doing.

For those that are wondering, the guys are still writing and recording while they wait out the Covid quarantines/lockdowns happening globally.

They are wanting to finish the NZ tour that they started with Black Smoke Trigger all those weeks ago, and Kent has even alluded to restarting the NZ tour – which would be AWESOME – If I can get the time off work to follow them….again.

Anyway, fingers crossed they can start the tour again soon.