Amiga 500 – Mine. Wow.

I’ve had a few Amigas in my possession over the years, but always ended up passing them along for various reasons, but lately I’ve been looking out for another one to keep and upgrade with something such as a GoTek drive.

In New Zealand, the prices on them has sky rocketed over the past couple of years, base A500 units WITHOUT PSU’s going for $200NZD+ which is insane.

Recently I remembered that one of my old mates from my childhood, had an Amiga at the same time as me – I wondered if he kept it after we lost touch (he moved to Australia) – so I asked my folks to ask his parents if it was still in the family home.

The response was “Yes”.

The parents contacted my mate and asked if he wanted to keep it or could it be moved on, and if so, that I was interested in it.

He apparently asked “why does he want it ?” – I haven’t seen him for 20+ years, so he is unaware of my ongoing interest in the Amiga.

Anyway, today my father calls me to say there is a large box sitting in his doorway containing an A500, 1084S monitor and assorted accessories etc.

My mate said to his parents “Give it to him for nothing” – OMG.

I will certainly be making an effort to contact my old mate to thank him and let him know I’m still a major geek 😉

I cannot pick it up for another week, but be assured, photos etc will be put online soon as I can.