radio XPD is now live, 24/7.

All your favorite Amiga modules, remixes and musicians, and other tunes Amiga/gaming related, streaming from Whangaparaoa, New Zealand.

Click here for the stream (Use your favorite music player)

Artists include :

d4xx, 4mat, lizardking, Dr Awesome, Audiomonster, blazier, Jester, Moby, u4ia, echo/LSD, XTD, Chris Huelsbeck and many many more!!*

For the geeks, the very basic setup is as follows :

Server : Shoutcast DNAS

Source : Winamp

Connection : 100/100

Max bitrate is set to 128k

This setup may change as I investigate other solutions more suitable to my environment. (Such as using a Raspberry Pi)

To convert the original modules from Soundtracker / Protracker format, I just use the Convert option from within VLC media player.

I save as 128k MP3’s – people may ask why not VBR etc, but honestly, straight 128k is fine for the stream. Its the max I can stream at anyway unless I pay for Shoutcasts premium package.

If anyone has a VPS I could use for the stream, that would be awesome as running it from my home connection can have its downsides. Requirements would be approx 40GB.

Drop me a line if you can help out.

* Musicians in bold indicate I have been given full permission by them to stream their tracks. Thanks guys!!!!