Over the past 20 years, I have used and gained many skills in hardware, software, and social networking (even pre-Facebook days!)

I am a true “jack of all trades, master of none” in the IT industry.

I’m not scared to give something a go, and if I fail to succeed at it, and its something that truly interests me, I will keep at it until I do succeed.

I have been in various administrative type roles online before I started in IT professionally.

  • Sysop – I was running my own BBS system before moving onto the internet and was also co-sysop for another BBS.
  • IRC Moderator – I was an IRC moderator , helping “keep the peace” in a very large and busy IRC channel.
  • Forum moderator – Was asked if I would like to be a moderator on Geekzone which I accepted for a number of years.

Professionally, I have primarily been in support roles, from helpdesks, to mobile engineering.

Industries I have supported have been varied in scope and size, ranging from “one man bands” through to multi-nationals.

  • ISP
  • Corporate
  • Charity
  • Education
  • Production Factories
  • Real Estate
  • Textiles
  • and more…

I have been involved with setting up and supporting multiple systems and technologies over the years, from hardware deployments, software deployments, network design, VoIP systems, servers, AV, procurement and so on.

If it has a button and requires power, I have probably done some aspect of it.