Over the years I’ve enjoyed taking photos, more so now than ever with mobile phones having great cameras.

But you cannot beat a good DSLR. Except cost. So most of my photos are taken with my Samsung Galaxy A72 phone, and occasionally with a DSLR. The mobile camera is great for shots to go online, but for anything print, I’d be looking at using a DSLR for.

Anyway, find examples of my “work” at a couple of different locations

RaccoonDownUnder – General random stuff

Fast_RaccoonDownUnder – Car related stuff

Why RaccoonDownUnder as a name ? I had some hassles with Instagram with my original account and had to start again, and I like Raccoons. We do not have them here in NZ, so though it’d be amusing to have one “down under” 😉

I do have a large back catalogue of photos as well which I’ll start making available somewhere soon.