IT Services

I can provide some basic home IT services for users around the Whangaparaoa Peninsula at great prices.

These services are provided in my own time, and usually done on a weekend – so if you are wanting something completed during the week I advise you look around for someone who does this as a fulltime business and not just as a hobby/sideline.

See here for information about my experience etc.

Note that this is a drop off service – ie: You drop your PC to me in Stanmore Bay.

Remote assistance is available POA.

Services :

Basic $25

I will update your Windows installation and software where required, a software cleanup (includes Registry, temp files, browser caches etc), full virus/malware scan (and removal where possible if anything is detected), and general report on the overall condition of your system.

Advanced $50

This consists of the Basic service plus :

I will setup a backup system that saves the backup to your external hard drive (supplied by you) on a regular schedule. Highly recommended if you run a business or have a large amount of personal files.

Rebuild $150

This is available for desktop systems only.

This consists of the Advanced service plus :

I will backup your system as is (to an external drive supplied by you), then format your drive and reinstall Windows, complete with latest drivers and updates. Any software you supply can be installed as well.

Backup Solutions Installation $50

I can setup a backup system or even two (I use two myself and highly recommend them) which will perform regular backups in case of ransomware attacks, or drive failures:

Local : Performs a backup to your external hard drive (supplied by you) – con with this one, is that if your external drive is connected at the time of a ransomware attack, the backup files may be corrupted as well. On the plus side, there is no on-going fee required.

Online : Performs a continuous online backup stored in the cloud (requires internet connection) – daily restores are available, so if hit by ransomware, you can recover your files back to before the attack. This service is via a 3rd party, and incurs an annual fee of approx $80 per year. Please contact me for current rate.

Please note :

All services only apply to the main system itself, so any printers or external devices, will need to be installed again once you have the system back home. I can install these for you via remote desktop. POA

While I can assist with most virus/malware removal, I CANNOT assist you in recovering files if your system is hit by ransomware and you have no backups.

Onedrive/Dropbox/Google are NOT backup systems. They synchronize your files only, so if a file is infected with a virus, then it will be replicated to your OneDrive (for example) infected as well.

Local backup storage will need to be on a device at least 2x the size of the data you are wanting to backup, preferably more. For example, if you want your photos backed up and they are 20GB in total, a 60GB external drive is recommended at minimum. The larger the drive the better, as you can retain earlier copies and not overwrite the most recent backup. On a 60GB drive, the local backup system will take a full backup of your files, then do smaller updates over the week, then run another full backup the following week overwriting the original. Larger drives will allow you to store multiple weeks worth before being overwritten.