Geek Stuff

Because I am a geek, I have a lot of geek stuff around the place, and this includes retro geek stuff.

Here is a basic overview of my setup and gear.

ISP : 2 Degrees

Speed : Gigabit

Router : ISP Supplied FritzBox!

Wifi : 2x Unifi AP’s (getting replaced this year)

NAS : 2x DNS-323 DLink (yes, ancient but tick along enough for my needs)

Server : “Server” – Frankenstein build – i5-3xxx/16GB bunch of HDDs (Approx 8TB)

Desktop : “Raccoon” – i5-6500/16GB/480GB SSD/R9-270

Various other laptops/desktops for the family

Consoles / Retro Computers

Xbox – Mod – chipped – all I know as it was given by a friend, but does not come to life – WIP

Sony Playstation 3 – still ticking along after all these years – about to be modded.

Xbox One – 2x – Why 2 ? We won one in a competition years ago, the other was in my neighbors trash – got told it was stuffed. Took it home for parts, plugged it in… cant find a thing wrong with it. Score.

Nintendo DS Lite – 2x – Both work fine except for the middle hinge (common fault). Got one for $8 from local market and it came with a SD card reader cart that allows me to download games onto it. Second one, got for my youngest from Trade Me for about $25.

A500 Mini – Love the Amiga, couldn’t say no to it 🙂