Just some relatively “rare” cheats I’ve come across :

Company of Heroes

For retail version, edit shortcut to the game executable and add a -dev to the target line (for example: “C:\Program Files…\RelicCOH.exe” -dev). For Steam version, right click on Company of Heroes in your library, click on Properties, then on “Set Launch Options…” and enter -dev there.

Boot the game and press CTRL + SHIFT + ` (tilde key, next to numeric one on US keyboards, it is on the right side for PAL/EURO keyboards) to toggle the developer console.

It’s cheating time!

See entire Battlefield – FOW_RevealAll
Toggle fog of war – FOW_Toggle
Set game speed (default is 8) – setsimrate
Hide taskbar – taskbar_hide
Show taskbar – taskbar_show
Toggle big head mode – ee_bigheadmode()
Enable statgraph_channel codes – statgraph()
Display frame rate – statgraph_channel(“fps”)
Quit game – abortgame
Restart game – restart
Adds 9999 manpower – Player_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(), RT_Manpower, 9999)
Adds 9999 munition – Player_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(), RT_Munition, 9999)
Adds 9999 fuel – Player_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(), RT_Fuel, 9999)
Increases popcap limit to 1000 – Player_SetPopCapOverride(Game_GetLocalPlayer(), 1000)
Add 5 command points – Player_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(), RT_Command, 5)