I’ve been gaming since the 80’s.

Using my own, or friends computers/consoles, I got into games, and never left them.

Amiga, Atari 2600, C64, Sega Master System, PC, arcades, Nintendo etc.

Currently I own the following systems :

Sony Playstation 3

Microsoft XBox One

Nintendo DS Lite


Raspberry Pi 3B+

I also game via emulators on PC and Raspberry Pi (RetroPi) – I have a rather large (for me) collection of ROMs etc from a range of systems, inc BBC Acorn, Atari, NeoGeo and more.

I was also lucky enough to obtain an arcade machine containing 60 games, all classic 80’s/90’s shoot ’em ups. Its in a bit of rough condition so I’m in the process of stripping it all down and restoring it.

I also Twitch occasionally.