Q: Can I have access to your radio library ?

A: For most of it, yes, I can supply access however it will not include files where the artist has contacted me directly and requested the files not be passed around.

Q: Is this site running on an Amiga ? (And other services)

A: No. While I do own an Amiga 500, it wouldn’t handle the job very well, and is currently undergoing refreshment. Everything is running from Linux or Windows based systems.

Q: Why “XPD” ?

A: When I got my first Amiga and learnt about “handles”, I chose “NightOwl” but after a few weeks discovered there was already a “NightOwl” elsewhere, so did not want to conflict. Just happened to be looking at a bookshelf at the time, and there was a novel called “XPD” by Len Deighton. Figured “Why not” – it stuck.

Q: Can you source me <insert filename here> for emulator system <name here> ?

A: Although I do have a large library of various ROM files etc for various systems, I’m of two minds when it comes to sharing them. Its taken me a long time to collect them, and not always via “legal” channels as it were. You can ask, but don’t be surprised if I decline your request.

Q: You declined my request – where else can I look ?

A: Check the Amiga page on my site.

Q: Where the bloody hell is “Whangaparaoa” and how do you pronounce it ?

A: Fong-a-para-o-a is a peninsula located approx 20mins North of Auckland City, New Zealand. Being on a peninsula, I am surrounded by water, which is awesome for swimming and fishing.

Whangaparaoa Peninsula
Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa Peninsula

NME and other contributors to this site live in various other parts of New Zealand.