Amiga Games HDF

So, I still like to play Amiga games.

I’ve used a few different game orientated systems such as FS-UAE Arcade but its a bit overkill for my needs.

So I decided to put together a HDF file that contains a basic Workbench installation with Directory Opus and a few other applications, and a number of HDD installable Amiga games.

I mentioned this on an Amiga Facebook group, and had a bit of interest from people who want to game from HDD, but don’t/can’t use WHDLoad for whatever reason.

Now the thing is, a lot of the games I’ve added so far, don’t officially have HDD installers, but since they are just AmigaDOS disks, I can copy the contents into a folder and they run happily.

Games such as the early Sierra stuff (Kings Quest, Police Quest) are literally just a copy and run process.

Others come with installers making the process even easier.

Then you get the ones that are AmigaDOS disks, but when copied to HDD, they ask for the disk to be inserted upon running the game.

These can be more fun.

Either need to look on Aminet for an HDD installer for the game, or be brave and poke around in the main game executable for references to DF0: .

I did this with a few games back in the day, and one that sticks to my mind was Floor 13. This was a 2 disk game, and only used DF0: . I was happy to use it off dual floppy drives, but it would not use any other drive.

So I copied the contents from both discs to my HDD, fired up Disk Peek and Update, and used its hex/ASCII viewer to examine the main game executable.

I found references to DF0: – so I changed these to F13: instead, set up an assign to the Floor 13 files and fired up the executable.

Worked perfectly. Running from HDD and no more disc prompts.

This method does not work for all games, but its worth a play with.