A500-X has arrived

So my new project has arrived.

One very tidy looking Commodore Amiga 500 complete with original mouse, power supply and 1084S monitor donated by my old mate Robert.

It is (well, was until I got it) a virgin Rev 6 Amiga 500, still had the original warranty stickers intact.

Those are now in pieces as I strip down the system to inspect it, confirm what version chips etc are installed and see if anything requires replacing.

It came with a Commodore A501 RAM expansion card with battery installed – but NOT a Varta battery by the looks of it. Put it this way, theres no leakage that I can see so far – they soldered the shielding around the expansion, so to get into it, I need to get a soldering iron (I only have a heavy duty one).

So whats the plan ?

I’m going to (over time) replace the floppy with a GoTek drive, upgrade the Kickstart ROM to 3.x and maybe even get an ‘030 CPU for it with RAM expansion and IDE connector to allow a HDD to be connected.

It will be known as the “A500-X”.

So wish me luck, and keep up to date on my progress via the Amiga menu link.

Amiga 500 – Mine. Wow.

I’ve had a few Amigas in my possession over the years, but always ended up passing them along for various reasons, but lately I’ve been looking out for another one to keep and upgrade with something such as a GoTek drive.

In New Zealand, the prices on them has sky rocketed over the past couple of years, base A500 units WITHOUT PSU’s going for $200NZD+ which is insane.

Recently I remembered that one of my old mates from my childhood, had an Amiga at the same time as me – I wondered if he kept it after we lost touch (he moved to Australia) – so I asked my folks to ask his parents if it was still in the family home.

The response was “Yes”.

The parents contacted my mate and asked if he wanted to keep it or could it be moved on, and if so, that I was interested in it.

He apparently asked “why does he want it ?” – I haven’t seen him for 20+ years, so he is unaware of my ongoing interest in the Amiga.

Anyway, today my father calls me to say there is a large box sitting in his doorway containing an A500, 1084S monitor and assorted accessories etc.

My mate said to his parents “Give it to him for nothing” – OMG.

I will certainly be making an effort to contact my old mate to thank him and let him know I’m still a major geek 😉

I cannot pick it up for another week, but be assured, photos etc will be put online soon as I can.

The Case Of….

nothing. I just don’t have a case for my PC.

Think its time to poke around the house for some materials to build one. The current cardbox case is literally being ripped apart as I add components.

Last week :



PS: Stupid head gear still on the go.

Lockdown geeking

Earlier this year I sold my gaming PC.

I was not expecting to be in lockdown for a month or else I would have held onto the PC.

I purchased an Arrma Granite RC truck to keep me entertained after I sold the PC, however right before lockdown, a part on it failed – so thats out of action.

Its not meant to be that low.

Also work advised that we would be working from home as we are an essential service (IT provider).

But I did not have a PC to work from apart from my Lenovo X230 – grat machine but going from a 28″ 4k screen to 12″ was going to be a bit hard. So I was sent a 28″ 1080P screen and a thin client.

Thin client has remained in its box as its not running Windows, which I required.

So I looked around and found that I still had my Pentium G3258 setup (in parts) – so threw that into a cardboard box (literally) and thankfully found 8GB of RAM and a decent PSU.

Stole the SSD from the X230 and I was away.

Cardboard PC

It’s been working perfectly except for when I want to play some Overwatch with mates – I’ll just say its playable but not pretty.

But due to the lockdown, I’ve been unable to source a 2nd hand video card.

Until NME mentioned he still had an old 6970HD floating around. Score!

That’s on its way courtesy of work’s courier company – hey, its an essential item and I’m an essential employee.

So in the mean time, my gaming has been limited to classics such as Sid Mier’s Pirates!, UFO Enemy Unknown, Team Fortress 2, and real classic such as Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and Kings Quest.

Love those last three games. Lot of memories from my Amiga days.

So I sit here now waiting for the courier to deliver the video card.

Some day, I’ll be able to order my RC parts, and maybe even get a case for this PC.

And hopefully stop wearing stupid things on my head.

Rah, Im a Polar geek.