Baelin’s Route – An Epic NPC Man Adventure (Best New Zealand Fantasy Film) 2021

Baelin’s Route just released on Youtube a couple of days ago and I must say it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Made by the Viva La Dirt League team –

The story of is of Baelin the fisherman and is quest to assist Willow getting back home. Going for 36 minutes the movie shows Baelins quest to get Willow back to her parents, while evading all sorts of obstacles.

Funded via Kickstarter –

The movie goes at a good pace and the acting and stunt work holds up, what I like about this is that it is actually fun. I tend to find a lot of New Zealand movies and TV shows take themselves way too seriously or are based on a book only five people have actually read.

Highly recommend you watch this one and also watch the other short skits done by the Viva team:

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