GTA 5 : Mod menus

Mod menus have been around for many years in various forms, most people use them to enable “god” mode so they dont get killed.

However with GTA5, the menus allow so much more.

Want god mode ? Done

Unlimited ammo ? Indestructible vehicles ? All the skins ? Modify vehicles ? Change the weather for the server ?

No problem.

But some users use these options just to piss off other players – ever been playing and had a UFO land on you ?

Or locked out of your own vehicle ? Blown up along with everyone else on the server ?

These are the guys who ruin it for all………..

Lets start off by saying that anyone who uses a mod menu, is NOT a hacker. They have not hacked a thing. They are using someone’s software that is hacking/exploiting the game to a degree.

Mod menu users are the equivalent of “script kiddies”, who use random pre-built tools to attack websites etc.

How do I know ?

Because I am one.

Before you rant at me, let me explain.

I purchased GTA5 on the PS3 on release. I spent a few years playing with mates online, and built up a decent character and garage, all legitimately.

Then the game got released on PC and all my mates went over to GTA on PC…. I didn’t because I didn’t have a decent enough PC to run it at the time. I stuck with the PS3 version but found it was becoming infested with “modders”, and they were ruining the game.

So I left.

Skip forward a few years, and Epic Games give away GTA5 for free – I grab it and play it on my now capable PC.

Jump online and…. shit. Modders.

So I bailed again.

Then a few months ago I gave online another shot, and found that while there were some annoying modders, a majority had buggered off to Red Dead Redemption Online.

Now I could get back into the online game….. but then I remembered…. I didn’t transfer my character when the PC version was released, and the window for that to be done had closed a long time ago.

So I’d have to start again…… nooooooo.

Then I figured I’d take a look at a mod menu. Kiddions seemed to be reasonably popular, free, and did not appear to be picked up by Rockstar’s system, so was therefore “safe” to use.

I grabbed it, installed, and wow, it worked.

The main thing I used it for, was to obtain money – I did not use it for god mode and other “cheats” against other players, that would just kill the game for me. What’s the point of going around pissing everyone off.

So with “Kiddions”, I’ve now reached a reasonable level for my character, have a healthy bank balance, and multiple garages full of fun cars to drive.

The only time I’ve used the god mode aspect, is when I’m bored, I get 5 wanted stars, and take on the masses of cops that come after me. But – I’ve always ensured I am well away from other players. One reason is so that they don’t see what I’m doing and report me – the other is to avoid them being caught in the cross-fire. It gets messy.

But there are still many players out there who use the mod menus for stupid means as mentioned at the start.

Sometimes I run into other players blatantly using a mod menu, and if theres hardly anyone else on the server, I enable Kiddions and we have a blast doing stupid things against the AI. We respect the other players without mod menus and leave them alone.

If all mod menu users did this, it wouldn’t be such an annoyance to other players….. but there’s always one out there to ruin it for all.

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