Movies Moving Forward

Living in New Zealand we have been very lucky that we locked down early and are now able to be out and about.

I know in many other parts of the world this is still not possible, this brings me to movies in theatres in 2020 and moving forward.

Me and my wife went to see Wonder Woman 1984 last week at the theatre, it was nice to get out and see it on the big screen but this cost roughly $60.00 once the tickets and snacks were bought. I dread to think how it costs for a family to go to the movies these days.

From what I understand in the States, this movie was shown the streaming network HBO Max as part their plans to show a lot of their movies this year on this network. Disney and other companies are also looking at putting some of their movies on their relevant steaming platform.

I believe moving forward that we will see more simultaneous releases on and a reduced delay between when a movie is released and then appears on streaming.

Now people have got a taste of the convenience of watching movies in the safety of their own homes at a greatly reduced cost the horse wont be able to be reigned back in.

I still some movies would greatly benefit from the big screen, I am personally looking forward to the new Dune movie whenever that gets released, but just like all PC games are now online Movies now will have to change the way they are released as well.

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