Game Over for Gameplanet

A long time New Zealand based gaming site, Gameplanet has fallen victim to the hard times for media during COVID-19. Gameplanet has been on life-support for a while now, as some readers may have observed. We’ve held out and sustained the financial losses for as long as we could, but there is, sadly, no realistic…

Movies / TV

Star Trek TV Shows Ranked

My Rankings: The Original Series and The Next Generation Deep Space Nine Voyager Enterprise Picard* Discovery* As we have been in lock down in New Zealand for close to 4 weeks now, me and the wifey have started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation from Season 1 again. This has inspired me to rank each…


My Amiga Favs

Gaming started for me around the mid 80’s, when friends had Atari 2600’s, Commodore 64’s and so on. But I did not obtain my Amiga until late 1991 (and was one of the first Amiga 500+ units) but this was a great time, as the Amiga’s were extremely popular and the number of titles being…


The Case Of….

nothing. I just don’t have a case for my PC. Think its time to poke around the house for some materials to build one. The current cardbox case is literally being ripped apart as I add components. Last week : Today: PS: Stupid head gear still on the go.


Lockdown geeking

Earlier this year I sold my gaming PC. I was not expecting to be in lockdown for a month or else I would have held onto the PC. I purchased an Arrma Granite RC truck to keep me entertained after I sold the PC, however right before lockdown, a part on it failed – so…