Geek, gamer, father. Thats me.

Been a geek for many many moons, a gamer for hell of a long time, and a father for 10 years.

Started out with an Atari 2600, then got an Amiga 500Plus. I was (am ?) mad on the Amiga, loved it to bits. Got hooked onto BBS’s and eventually started my own, Amiga Unlimited (aka Syndicate X) which ran for approx 4 years until the Internet took hold.

I got online, and enjoyed it, and because BBS calls had dropped off, I closed the BBS and got stuck into the ‘net.

Eventually my Amiga died in 1998 , so grabbed a Windows PC and things just went from there.

I enjoy games (too much according to my wife), and give everything a try. I still LAN occasionally with my mates, otherwise its primarily Steam based games that get played, such as CSGO, Unturned etc.

Got married quite a while back, and have two cheeky monkeys to keep me on my toes.

Live in Whangaparaoa, New Zealand, brilliant place to bring up kids, as we’re surrounded by a great community, and lots of beaches within 2mins drive.