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Online shopping - fail

, posted: 24-Feb-2020 14:25

Online shopping is the way to go these days to get those products you want cheaper - sure. If the items are available.

I've been finding lately a few well known online stores are advertising goods as being in stock or at least available for "click and collect" orders - so ship in from another store to your local and you pick it up there.

Great in theory.

Example 1:

Particular Lego set I've been looking for, was only showing available at one retailer online - website indicated it was in store. So off I went. To find it was NOT in store, but staff member said that I could do the click and collect for it as it was showing in the Whangarei store. Sure, so back home I go, add it to my basket and..... nope. Not available for click and collect. And no stock in any store. 

I contacted the retailer and they gave a standard "stock levels/store sales" response - I'd been trying for weeks - so if the stock/store story was right, then why still advertise it as being in stock on your online store AND in your own stock database weeks after it was sold out ?


Example 2:

Looking for "cheap" Nintendo games, found well known games store has a large library of them available, again, in store or click and collect. Yet when adding said items to online basket, same story, "not available".


I can get the same items from TradeMe but at a premium.... at least I know they have them in hand (usually) and not relying on crap stock level databases that don't talk to one another....


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