No free Bathurst 1000 in NZ 2013

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I dont follow the V8 Supercars month by month, but a yearly ritual of mine is to have a BBQ and drinks while the Bathurst 1000 race is on.

In the past its been FTA (free to air) so getting live coverage wasnt an issue, but this year…. no such luck.

Sky took over coverage for the 2013 season, and as such, live coverage for FTA has been a no show. Only highlights.

If you have their subscription service, not a problem, watch it live via the sports channel or online.

I asked Sky if Prime (their FTA channel) was going to have live coverage, but nope – their response :

“Thank you for your email.
We do not have rights for Live coverage of the V8 races on Prime. However, we will have highlights of the main races and it is covered on our SportBox section on Sundays at 10:30 PM on Prime TV. ”

So basically “give us your money”.

That sucks and potentially kills a yearly ritual of mine that has been on going for 10years…. :(

Hopefully I can borrow a friends decoder for the day or else Ill have to find “other” means of getting the live coverage…


5 Responses to “No free Bathurst 1000 in NZ 2013”

  1. mememe

    Get vpn connection to us server for 2 bucks then sign up to watch this o.line from v8supercars.hell with sky

    • xpdnz

      Yup, its one option, which I may do if my other options dont come through on the day 😉

  2. Fuck sky

    V8s are dead to me now because of this

  3. Drew

    No time or money for SKY. Any other FTA options??

  4. Ford for ever

    You could reduce some of your Sky Account and put sky sports for the day, then cancel sky sport after Bathurst. Make sure you let sky know why, at the end of the day its at about sky trying to get you to sign up for more of your money.


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